Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some of the best are from the U.S.

It is no secret that much of the best wine in the world is produced from vineyards outside of the United States. Australia, New Zealand and South America are often recognized as some of the true leaders in wine production. However, great wines are also being produced from all over the U.S.  

At All Star Wine and Spirits, you can find a variety of California red wines that rival any international peer. For lovers if wine, spending a little extra is expected when buying a bottle that has been perfectly crafted. Within the wide selection of wine available at All Star, there is an excellent assortment of California reds that would appeal to even the most specific of palates.

A. Rafanelli Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley 2005

This Cab's dark color is a result of the mixing of blueberries and dark cherry. The smooth finish makes it a pleasure to drink.

Cain Cain Five 2004

This blend incorporates a variety of quality aspects notorious in red wine to create a taste that your palate falls in love with. The citrus aromas and the taste of black currant are wonderful and lead up to a velvety after taste. Truly delicious! 

Larkmead Vineyards Firebelle 2005

This blend utilizes black cherry and a variety of earthy elements to create a spicy taste to the palate, but finishes with a taste of white chocolate. Look out also for the subtle hint of licorice upon first taste. An excellent selection for years to come!
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Organic, Natural & Sulfite Free Wines

The wines listed here fall into several Categories, including "Certified Organic", "Made with Organic Grapes", "Uses Sustainable Farming Practices", "No Sulfites Added" and several other indications.

Badger Mountain Vineyard Chardonnay Columbia Valley 2007


Coturri Zinfandel Chauvet Vineyards 2005


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